Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Bagmaking: Dolled Up Train/Vanity Case in Zebra and Cherries! Plus: frocks, days out, and clearouts!

Its still the summer holidays. I'm still not getting much done, however I can show you my most recent completion.
This is a really lovely pattern, but quite hard work. Its the larger train case from DiedelbugHandmade, and as I was commissioned a very long time ago to make a vanity case for an old friend, I decided this would be the pattern I would use.

The spec was basically zebra, pink and cherries for a teenage girl.
It was supposed to be just a 'box' rather than a 'two piece' but I could not resist making this pattern.
The lid has space for brushes etc, and then the bottom has a clear zipped pocket, then space for larger items like hairdryer/bottles/tongs and so on.

The pattern is very clear, but there is a LOT of cutting out to be done. My machine struggled around the edges where foam interfacing met foam interfacing.

Overall though I can't quite believe it went together so well. You just need to follow it slowly, step by step, and it does come together. 

One day, I will make one for me!

In other news: Noah had his first taster session at the olympic gym. He loved it, but sadly they are only on in the school holidays, for a few sessions, so next time probably October.

I had a wardrobe clearout. 6 bags of clothing gone. This is what my wardrobe looked like after the cull. Too many dresses for the tiny space on the left. 

So I took out that bar on the right and re-arranged. Ta-da!!

We visited Burghley House and the beautiful grounds. This coincided with a family fun day, so the boys got to do activities, followed by the Gardens of Surprise (water gardens)

I bought some dresses. Because its August LOL.

This Hell Bunny is very cute.  Please note - I had just come back from aqua aerobics so Im' not looking my best. Also, our bedroom has since been cleaned :)

This Lindy Bop May dress sadly didn't fit at all. Bodice too long. I'm holding down the sleeves here as otherwise they sit an inch above my shoulders. Also skirt is a bit A-line - I'd prefer more fabric. Too much work to fix. Went back. Love this fabric, although I do own 4.5 metres of it so one day I'll make my own :)

I purchased items in the collectif sale. Two Fairy dresses for our hols, and a Dietrich swing coat. (work toilet shots - nice)

I love Collectif, as their dresses are generally very flattering, although I had to take some little tucks in at the neckline to stop it gaping. I also reduced the bodice  length by 2 inches on the pineapple dress. Haven't got around to doing the atomic flamingo mods yet!

Love this coat. I've been wanting for ages. Well its my birthday this month so, y'know, why not!

I completely changed my mind about what I'm wearing to mother in laws wedding. It will now be this:

Its the atomic flamingo design- but this is Dolores style (the one with cap sleeves which I modified a while back because they were TOO TIGHT) The sourpuss bag is one I won from Audrey Stars Boutique/British Belles. The shrug was ebay. The shoes MohedaToffeln. I have since bought a slim belt which I may or may not wear :)

Other news:

I sold the tent! 
I bought (another) paddling pool! 
The Punto failed its MOT (boo hiss) and the Peugeot required over a grands worth of work (faints) but otherwise - its going well!!

Friday, 31 July 2015

A sweet makeup case for teacher, what we did on our holidays and win win wins!!!

Unfortunately I'm not getting much done at the moment. 

Its the school holidays, which of course means I'm either at work, or looking after mine, and possibly other peoples children. I cannot do ANYTHING with children in the house, as I'm either cleaning up their mess, cooking their food, pumping up paddling pools or similar, or responding to 'muuuuuuum' or 'Lyynnnnnnn' followed by 'can I have this/Joeys hitting me/its my turn on the tablet/can you help me with this' and so on...

Anyway. I did get a superquick makeup bag made for Joeys teacher who has been great with him this year. These are so quick and easy and look much more professional if you box the corners. 

My mum sent me the external fabric which has a linen feel. The lining came from Japan (I had an etsy spree). The 'handmade' zip pull is from Emmaline Bags (also available from Bobbin Girl in the UK)

In other news, we've done our best with the british weather. Some days were good - like when the Huntingdon churches laid on this beach in the town centre, as well as free entertainment and food. It was very windy, but the sun came out.

We have of course, been to the woods. Hinchingbrooke Park is always a good option for kids.

They have cheap inflatables and fun stuff outside the garden centre too. 5 quid for endless bouncy castles, trampolines, and boating? ok then.

There was of course our camping holiday last weekend in Norfolk, which we cut short, because it rained endlessly.
Made more bearable because of a) the outdoor pool right next to our tent which the kids loved even though it wasn't that warm and b) being able to meet up with my lovely friends Anna and Nic and their spouses and children - I still have no plans to attempt camping again any time soon. 
Give me a hotel room any day :)

vintage tea room in Swaffham

Dressing like an Egyptian in Swaffham museum

At http://www.greenbritaincentre.co.uk/

In the tent. 

Little Egyptians

Oh and I nearly forgot - I've been winning some prizes lately too!!
I sadly didn't get to go to the British Belles picnic in the park, but I did win this lovely combo in their raffle:

The Bag of the Month prize winners have been selected.
Sadly I didn't win any of the prizes over the 6 months - although my vinyl companion bag was a finalist for the January prize - see http://handmadebymrsh.blogspot.co.uk/…/2015-finalists-bag-o….

However, I did randomly win a prize for my small companion https://www.flickr.com/…/1630776…/in/pool-bagofthemonthclub/  which was a $50 gift certificate for fabric.com (guess what they sell?!!) - which is a huge yey (as long as the delivery, customs and handling fees aren't larger than that LOL)

Well done to all the winners. Go have a look in the album at everyones entries:

Finally, I  won a bundle of beautiful fabric from the Sewing Directory!!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Bagmaking: The Seneca Creek Mint Glitter Flamingo bag!

There's a lovely little independent shop in Huntingdon called the Parsley Pot, which sadly I don't think its going to be open much longer. The back of the shop is now empty and they are selling off display goods.

Amongst the shelving and jewellery bits was a large roll of mint green glittery fabric. I don't know exactly what it is - its not like vinyl as its textured, and thinner (more deco weight) but I think its made of glitter thread as its like its woven in. 

I didn't buy it the first time. I went home. And I mulled on it. And a couple of weeks later I went back in.

It was still there, and it was marked at twenty quid for 3 metres, so I bought it.  I have all sorts of plans for it!

This is the first incarnation. I've had my eye on this 100% cotton flamingo fabric for a while, and I thought it would go lovely with the mint, so I printed out the May Bag of the Month Pattern

This is a sweet little convertible bag which can be worn over the shoulder, or around the waist if preferred.

It has an inner zipped pocket and and outer pocket with a magnetic snap.

The buckle is just for show!

I really like this combination, and I really love that glitter and I already have its next incarnation planned!

Sadly my Pfaff has broken again though, so I'm using the backup machine. Its quite hard work when you're used to precision and quiet, but beggars can't be choosers :)

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Bagmaking: The Manhattan Mamma

This is a bag of the month pattern, due for general release tomorrow from Emmaline Bags.

As soon as I saw it, I knew the fabric I wanted to use. This harbour scene from Makower.

Teamed with this Essex Yarn in nautical, and a busy bit of chevron for the inside.

This is such a lovely pattern.  There is something very aesthetically pleasing about the curve of the flap and the sides from the curved dart. I love the contrast panel at the front with its pocket, and the big zip pocket at the back. (There is piping on the panel, but you can't really see it here)

Mostly I love the fact that the flap opens to reveal another stash space!
You can make a zipper case or eyeglasses case to velcro in here, but I chose not to. (ok, I ran out of fabric - these things happen when you have the fabric before the pattern)

There is a slot pocket on the inside as well, and plenty of room inside the lightly padded body.

Overall, top marks for this pattern which is comprehensive and easy to follow. If I didn't have a massive list of 'to-do's then I'd make another immediately!

Monday, 29 June 2015

Bagmaking - The Motherload Tote (Cozy Nest Designs)

I was asked by Janelle of Cozy Nest designs, to pattern test her as yet unnamed sports tote (it has since been named!!)

When I saw the design, I absolutely said yes. 

I joined a gym a month ago and have been using an entirely impractical Cath Kidston tote, which is too small and only has one little pocket.

This baby has an outer zipped pocket, an inner zipped pocket. It has dual sections for your trainers/kit or you cossie/towels etc etc. It has a drinks bottle sling, and there is also the option to add straps to sling your yoga mat /towel underneath ( I didn't add these)

You can add a triangle clip to hang your car keys/sunnies from if you wish, and you can add anything else you want (I added this tiny pocket on the front for my gym card which I'm always losing - and it also fits my padlock)

I wanted something bright and cheery, so I went for this hello tokyo fabric on the outside, and a pre-laminated cotton on the inside because I wanted water resistant.

I used Lamifix on the outer cotton, which is an iron on laminate. It works, but it looks horribly creased all the time. I think I'd only use this on small projects in the future. The pre-laminated stuff is vastly superior looks-wise. 

However as this bag is for my personal use, I'm not too fussed! Its so flipping useful. I made the bottle sling slightly larger to accommodate my own bottle.

Sarahs instructions are always clear. I was slightly confused due to using directional fabric, however she has since added extra orientation details to her pattern to make this part easier to understand. This is not a beginners bag, but an intermediate sewer should tackle it easily. 

I also didn't make my top zip recessed. This is due to the bulk of having laminates on both in interior as well as exterior as well as interfacing. Also my seam allowances top and bottom were slightly larger than they should have been as the width of lamifix didn't quite reach (another reason not to use it on larger bags)

See more and purchase via CozyNestDesign here 

Friday, 19 June 2015

Bagmaking - Ramona bag

A couple of weeks back I made a bag for the eldest daughter of a friend of mine as it was her 8th birthday (see bottom photo)

Well its her little sisters birthday coming up, so she's also getting one.  

This time its mermaids and whales and fishes.